Our mission

We are an advisory group providing its clients with legal counselling, accounting and tax services, and other activities related not only to the business activity.

We support a law office, tax and accounting office, and we collaborate closely with insurance consultants and subsidy specialists. 


Legal services for our clients are provided by ARROWS advokátní kancelář s.r.o., and are closely related to the accounting and tax services by ARROWS tax & accounting, s.r.o. Both companies cooperate closely on individual projects also with the companies ARROWS dotace s.r.o. and ARROWS pojištění s.r.o.

ARROWS advisory group achieves the highest level of expertise in the field of transactions, professional corporate law and labour law. All the clients´ matters are solved in close interconnection of the legal and tax aspect. 


Our clients can solve almost everything during one visit and, in addition to that, they can spare plenty of time and resources. This is accurately expressed by our motto “law and taxes without boundaries”.

Our advisory group has its registered office in Prague but it provides the legal and tax services in the entire Czechia as well as abroad, primarily from its biggest office in Prague and from main offices situated in Hradec Králové and Olomouc. Other affiliates or contact points are located in Ostrava, Pardubice, Plzeň, Liberec, and in other regional cities of Czechia.

Currently, we have more than 60 lawyers and our total number exceeds 100. Within the ARROWS legal network the company provides legal services in more than 70 coubtries form all the world in collaboration with foreign member offices. ARROWS advokátní kancelář is one of the largest law offices in Czechia as regards the number of lawyers registered at the Czech Bar Association. 


ARROWS advisory group grows annually in the field of its personnel as well as turnover - by tens of percentage. Following its former structure the increase of the number of lawyers is annually higher than 15 %. The same applies to the turnover of revenues for the provision of legal services.

The most prominent clients of the company include transport group ARRIVA and real estate holding BIDLI. The main group of clients contains medium-size companies, municipalities, private investors, banks and credit providers.

Our trademark reflects our previous business experience. The ARROWS brand has been active in the market since 2018 but it is based on the former lawyer´s activity of its founding associates, going back to the beginning of this millennium.

V ČR máme více než 60 právníků a celkově je nás přes 100.

Currently, we have more than 60 lawyers
and our total number exceeds 100.

The law office was awarded in the Law Firm of the Year contest in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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