Ing. Petra Hučíková

Ing. Petra Hučíková
Processes and finance, partner

Ing. Petra Hučíková is responsible for the top operational and financial management of the ARROWS office, including the functioning of processes. She obtained her education in the field of Statistical Methods in Economics and in Operations and Economics.

As the Executive Director, she bears responsibility for the proper operation of the company's branches and focuses on setting processes across centers and hierarchies. Among other things, she leads the company's support and focuses on work organization.

In the realm of financial management, Petra closely collaborates with the accounting department, which includes, among other things, coordinating the leadership of accounting analytics and the control of booked items. She also creates regular reporting on the company's operations, primarily focusing on the financial management of our branches, mapping the performance of office lawyers, and reporting on receivables.

Petra is the head of the AI team, overseeing the implementation of artificial intelligence into all processes within the company. The aim of her AI team is to implement AI within the company and provide consulting in the introduction and legal assurance of AI-related issues.

Petra also contributes to the creation of business plans and company strategies, including ensuring the successful application of strategic steps into the process.

Her daily agenda involves close collaboration and communication with leading lawyers, managers, team leaders, and company partners.


  • 2007-2011- Commercial bank, Shared Services Center, process and systems department
  • 2011-2013- Chamber of Deputies
  • 2013-2015- Ministry of transportation