Mgr. Jaroslav Janoušek

Mgr. Jaroslav Janoušek

I am an attorney focused on disputable agenda, cases of insolvency, enforcement, and disputes with administrative bodies. My most favourite field includes negotiations at courts and administrative bodies, especially preparation and application of proper as well as extraordinary remedial measures against defective decisions.

Within my internship programme I was working with a trustee and I helped execute complex documents for discharge as well as for bankruptcy. Furthermore, I participated in incidental and other disputes related to the performance of the trustee´s activity. I use my gained knowledge especially when representing the creditors in insolvency proceedings to maximize the chances for fair settlement of their receivables.

I am experienced in administrative proceedings at the Czech Trade Inspection Authority or Energy Regulatory Office, where we agitated successfully against the imposed penalties. I have decided to use the knowledge gained from this field also in the field of disputes with financial administration.

In my legal practice I have solved a number of complex issues related to the very strictly regulated area of the tobacco industry. In this area I provide our clients with complex legal support, so they can keep working on the business knowing that everything they do is fully compliant with the law. I have supported our clients especially at the initial stage of their business, where they need to follow a difficult web of rules and laws. I have focused on the regulation of advertising of tobacco and similar products (e-cigarettes etc.).

Before joining ARROWS, I was working as a candidate attorney for an enforcement agent and I am familiar with the area of debt recovery. As I know what type of mistakes the creditors make most often when recovering their debts, I am able to prevent such mistakes.

During my university studies I studied abroad at the University of Sheffield, where I attended criminology and criminal law. Moreover, I adopted the English law terminology.

Litigations, insolvency proceedings, enforcement, defence against defective administrative decisions:

  • representation in civil proceedings - from preparation of a final demand up to rendering of a final decision
  • conducting of pre-trial negotiations with a counterparty and realization of potential amicable solutions
  • execution of proper as well as extraordinary remedial measures
  • preparation of defence against incorrect and unfair decisions of public bodies, especially of financial administration
  • representation in enforcement proceedings, especially as regards complicated proposals on suspension of enforcement or actions to exclude claims
  • execution of documents for insolvency proceedings - from preparation of moratorium, through claim registration, up to representation in incidental disputes


  • English
  • German - passive knowledge