Mgr. Ludvík Novotný

Mgr. Ludvík Novotný

Ludvík is an attorney in Letohrad.

After graduating at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University in Brno, Ludvík was active as a junior attorney of an important regional attorney, JUDr. Jiří Slezák, who focuses mainly on the criminal and commercial law. One and half year later, Ludvík started cooperating with the law firm Perthen, Perthenová, Švadlena, where he was a junior attorney till he passed the attorney´s examination in 2012.  

He was cooperating with this law firm as an attorney for another one and half year – on big as well as smaller cases from all standard legal fields, such as commercial, civil, family, criminal, real estate law, legal and arbitral proceedings. In 2014, Ludvík decided to go back to his home region and settle down in Letohrad.

He started cooperating with our law firm in Letohrad from the very beginning. Ludvík can offer our clients a wider range of high-quality services from the legal fields that only law firms from larger cities deal with. When providing the legal services, Ludvík makes always efforts so that the clients can rely on his words. He offers his clients personal attitude, maximum helpfulness, complex consideration of problems, usage of modern technologies and in particular high level of specialization.

The cooperation with tax advisors, experts, notaries and distrainers is a matter of fact.