Mgr. Petr Varvařovský

Mgr. Petr Varvařovský


- investment intermediaries
- transaction financing
- payment
- cryptocurrencies

I specialize in the field of financial law and capital market in all forms. I deal with matters related to cash and noncash payments on a daily basis. I also focus on the subject of cryptocurrencies in all forms, including bitcoin exchange offices and ICO.    

I also gained my experience at an international law firm operating in the field of CEE or in a banking sector, whereas I still try to improve my skills in other fields. I have worked on several successful projects where I also participated in the field of IP/IT.   

I normally deal and work with these terms:

- investment intermediaries under the Act on Capital Market Undertakings

- tied agent under the Act on Capital Market Undertakings

- banking and non-banking financial services

- financial services providers

- capital market undertaking

- internal directive of compliance

- payment institutions

- investment trusts

- capital markets

- cryptocurrencies

 I also dealt with IP/IT law. 


Czech Bar Association