Mgr. Zdeněk Borkovec

Mgr. Zdeněk Borkovec


- administrative law
- building law
- the right of local authorities
- procurement
- corporate and commercial law
- developers and construction companies
- law of Obligations
- representation in litigation

I am a lawyer, a partner who is able to offer clients comprehensive legal advice in all branches of law.

I spent a large part of my current law practice in a law firm primarily focused on providing services to the public sector, where I mainly met with issues of local government law and advice for corporations established and owned by these local authorities. In addition to providing comprehensive advice on the running of local authorities and their corporations, I have also dealt with the preparation and revision of contracts, tendering procedures for public procurement and representation within the framework of the controversial agenda. In the form of consultancy activities, but also in the form of lecture activities, I also actively participated in the implementation of several national projects implemented by the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic, which were primarily focused on streamlining the public administration.

First of all, this practice has formed my main specialization, which now lies in the field of business, law and administrative law.

In the course of further experience, I gradually started to provide legal advice to the private sector, especially corporate clients, where a large part of my clients consisted mainly of construction companies, to whom I provided comprehensive legal advice both in the preparation of development projects and in their normal business activities. A large part of the agenda also consisted of representing these clients in disputable lawsuits arising out of a binding relationship, in particular from a contract of work.

Now I am the head of the branch of our law firm in Pardubice and in the context of my long practice in advocacy I am ready to give you the most out of my knowledge and experience so that I can always help you with your problems and worries. It does not matter who is a client or what the law is, I always try to find the best way to your desired goal.

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