Mgr. Zuzana Sůvová

Mgr. Zuzana Sůvová


- health law
- school law
- disputes over works contracts
- law of obligations
- corporate law
- the transformation of companies

My focus is also with regard to my life experiences and personal connections in health care issues related to this specific area of ​​life. I am ready to provide legal advice to doctors, to transfer doctors, deal with insurance companies, remittances for performance, to set up legal processes in healthcare, to solve patients' complaints and to claim damages for health. I am also prepared to help patients deal with doctors, apply health damages and solve other health problems associated with them.

Despite the above focus on health law, I am an attorney who, as a result of her general practice in Prague law offices and offices of regional importance, is able to offer complex legal services to clients in any life situation, be it their private life or professional life .

Normally, in advocacy, I encountered the client's controversial agenda, which consisted mainly of work contract disputes and other obligations. In these cases, I have learned to place great emphasis on a thorough legal analysis of each individual case, a sincere approach to the client, and a careful set-up of the litigation strategy, and this approach has proven to me in practice and has many times reflected in the desired result in the spirit of the slogan: Fortune favors the prepared".

Following the ongoing controversial agenda, I have always tried to provide a complete service to my clients and therefore I have extensive experience with corporate law, where I can manage both normal corporate processes from the start of the company to its liquidation, as well as ensuring all sorts of business corporation transformations.

In addition, I have recently dealt with specialized legal advice for schools, school facilities, sports clubs and other interest clubs, which I can also offer in relation to the above-mentioned complex legal services at a high level.

So I offer clients a fair and sensitive approach to their problems, tailor-made solutions and a comprehensive view of dealing with different legal issues, so that the client always gets the best service and leaves our law firm happy with we have our support in solving our worries.


Czech Bar Association -member