ARROWS advisory group and Dotace bez starostí have joined forces and together we are ready to help you with the preparation and submission of a subsidy application, from A to Z.

The agency Národní sportovní agentura , headed by Milan Hnilička, is announcing several subsidy programmes for the reconstruction and construction of sports grounds, such as “Investiční dotace na přestavbu sportovišť”, “Můj klub” or “Kabina”. 

Whether you are a municipality, a sports club or any other entity that owns a sports ground or sports hall - contact us and together we can handle it.

What can we help you with?

  • with subsidy advisory focused on subsidies, reconstruction and renovation;
  • preparation and submission of the subsidy application;
  • administration of the tender for the selection of a contractor;
  • administration of project implementation;
  • arranging design services from our partners;
  • final accounts, advisory during the project's sustainability;
  • preparation and submission of the subsidy application, including related mandatory annexes;
  • representing clients in potential disputes with subsidy providers. 

What is our goal?

  • The aim is to help sports clubs and municipalities with the administration of the subsidy procedure and the selection of contractors for given projects so that sports clubs are not afraid to apply for subsidies and everything goes smoothly for them.
  • Just like sports teams, we act fairly - our remuneration is only payable if the club or municipality receives the subsidy.

Current subsidy calls for sports venues

Currently, two major subsidy calls are published, one for investments up to CZK 10 mill. and the other one for investments above CZK 10 mill.

For both calls, the subsidy is up to 70% of the total eligible costs.

  • technical evaluation (modernisation, reconstruction) of sports venues including their facilities;
  • construction of sports venues including their facilities;
  • acquisition of fixed assets related to sports facilities;
  • building barrier-free access to sports facilities.

Not sure if you qualify for a subsidy? Need assistance with preparing and submitting your application? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.



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