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Integration program Ukraine

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What is the vision of our project?

"Our project Integration program Ukraine helps Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their country because of the war. We provide this assistance through a network between government, non-governmental organizations, Arrows Etl Global associates and Ukrainian associates."

Anastasiia Dzhygola, lawyer and leader of the project Integration program Ukraine

How do we help?

From refugee to resident

Helping you live full-fledged life in your new country

We focus on providing comprehensive assistance in everyday life issues to people from Ukraine who want to become a resident and live fully in a new country as a resident. We help you in matters of education abroad, legal assistance to obtain the necessary documents for you and your children, or registration for citizenship in the Czech Republic.

Business opportunity for Ukrainians

How to build a business in the Czech Republic?

We can help you with operational issues related to the establishment and operation of your business, the treatment of intellectual property or tax issues related to your business.

Business in Ukraine

Cost-effective investments abroad

We provide turn-key legal advice on investments in Ukraine, assistance with finding suitable investment opportunities, or expert support in acquiring real estate or land in Ukraine.

Pro bono advisory

You are not alone in a difficult life situation

As part of our pro bono activities, we provide legal assistance to clients for whom such assistance would otherwise be unaffordable for financial or other reasons. For example, we help single mothers or the elderly.

Ukraine as seen by Anastasia

Anastasiia Dzhygola

Each of us has faced a horrific reality where you have packed your life into one suitcase. The feeling of leaving your home in Ukraine. But the whole world stands with us. Together, we will be stronger, wiser and even more capable than ever before. Our Integration program Ukraine project gives you that chance.

Anastasiia Dzhygola

leader of the project Integration program Ukraine

What is our strength?

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People and their expertise

Behind the Integration program Ukraine project is a strong partnership of government, non-governmental organizations, Arrows Etl Global lawyers and lawyers from Ukraine.

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Extend advisory

Within the project, we can help you in any area and situation you need to solve, whether it is business or everyday life.

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International cooperation

We are backed by Arrows Etl Global's international network in over 70 countries as well as our strong partner Etl Global.

Frequently asked questions

How to return to Ukraine without losing your visa in the Czech Republic?

In the visas that Ukrainian refugees have received (special long-stay visa with code D / VS / U (tolerance visa or temporary protection system)), the number of entries is indicated as 00.
However, it is possible to travel outside the territory of the Czech Republic, but only within the Schengen area. If you need to travel outside the Schengen area, for example to Ukraine, you must go to the local office of the Ministry of the Interior, where you will be issued a new visa label with an unlimited number of entries (multiple entries) to return to the Czech Republic. For this period, a new type of visa has to be issued. In this case, the planned trip outside the Schengen area must be documented by a purchased air ticket for a plane or other means of transport or a confirmation of the need to travel. Business trips abroad necessary for the performance of work (truck/bus drivers) should be supported by an employment contract and a professional certificate.
In the case of travel to Ukraine, it is sufficient to confirm this reason with a written declaration.

How can we help in terms of business?

We can help you in areas such as:

Providing a turn-key business opportunity
We will build your business from A to Z (assistance in obtaining a business visa, registering a legal entity / private entrepreneur, obtaining licenses, arranging the lease / purchase of premises, drafting and signing contracts, starting a business).

Real estate investment
Real estate investment, purchase of real estate for personal use, purchase of commercial real estate, leasing of premises.

Start-up business development
Marketing plan preparation, application/website development, investor search, full legal and tax support, market entry.

Employment opportunities
Connecting the right people with the right companies, assembling a team suitable for the project, finding specialists and experts in the required fields, covering the entire recruitment process, securing capacity on a time and material basis, obtaining the required type of visa, support in signing the contract, opening a bank account.

We can also help you in the following areas:

  • obtaining citizenship
  • civil disputes (divorce, inheritance),
  • income tax solutions,
  • establishment of a legal entity,
  • opening a bank account and checking transactions,
  • obtaining licenses,
  • advice and representation in administrative or criminal law,
  • advisory in the field of insurance,
  • financial product services (loans, mortgages),
  • support for real estate transactions and advice on documents.

Our team

Pavel Staněk

Partner of Arrows, specialist in the field of legislation & member of parliament

Pavel Staněk

Libor Zbořil

Partner Arrows & Head of Arrows Business development

Libor Zbořil

Vojtěch Sucharda

Partner Arrows & Head of Arrows International

Vojtěch Sucharda

Viktorie Sládková

Head of Arrows Marketing & Communication

Viktorie Sládková

Anastasiia Dzhygola

IPU leader & coordinator

Anastasiia Dzhygola

Kateřina Veselá

IPU Project manager

Kateřina Veselá


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