Law firm ARROWS Hradec Králové

Klicperova 1266/1, Hradec Králové 500 03

Do you need help with law or taxes? This is the place! ARROWS advokátní kancelář s.r.o. is the biggest law firm in Hradec Králové. Our office in Hradec Králové operates not only in the Eastern Bohemia region, but also in the whole central Europe within our own international legal network. Besides Hradec Králové we operate mainly in Prague. Our roots are in Hradec Králové as we originated as legal successors of law firms LEGALCOM and DOHNAL PERTOT SLANINA. 

We have 20 years of experience on the market. We are sought mainly by entrepreneurs but we cooperate with physical person as well and we can solve the problems.

Our offices are located on the first floor of the building at Klicperova 1266/1 (entrance from the street Klicperova). If you come by car, you may park at the paid parking lot at Velké náměstí.

Law firm Hradec Králové

We will help you within a complex extent of legal and tax services. We have a very wide team of specialists in many fields. What our law firm in Hradec Králové can do best is:

 real estate and development

 corporate law

 business disputes


 family and succession law

We know the most valuable property of our firm is our client´s trust, so our only parameter of good work is a satisfied client. 

Concerning our prices, we are always ready to find a reasonable consensus with our clients. Since we closely specialize in particular fields, our services are sometimes even cheaper as we manage some repeated tasks faster than lawyers with general practice. On the other hand, we also master fields which are unusual in the region, with regard to our international operation.

Our stability and tradition is interesting especially for the clients who seek a strong partner who is able to cover great volumes of assigned work with a quick level of reactivity.