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We offer efficient solutions to legal matters across more than 90 countries.

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Selected references of recent times

For a leading European supplier of die-cutting tools, we acquired assets from a German partner in order to take control of the group.

This was followed by an overall restructuring of the client group's business comprising nine Czech companies and four foreign entities, all with the aim of streamlining the operations and management of the client group with an emphasis on protecting the client's assets.

We have made a cross-border acquisition for a Czech company that is a global leader in the production of passport canvases.

The current management acquired 100% of the company from the Dutch owner and the transaction was worth hundreds of millions of CZK.

We provided comprehensive legal services for a major automotive company in several European countries in cooperation with our foreign partners.

For a transport entrepreneur, we dealt with corporate changes in his companies, which are in twenty European countries.

We will be happy to send you further and more detailed references on request.

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