Ing. Richard Sokol

Ing. Richard Sokol
tax advisor, partner

I am a tax advisor registered in the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic and a head partner of the office section Taxes & Accounting.

My life philosophy is based on the continuous efforts to move forwards professionally as well as personally. Since I was a child I have attended collective sports where the team spirit plays a significant role. My purposefulness and diligence helped me achieve a professional level. However, I was forced to end this life stage prematurely when I was 26, due to health problems. Nevertheless, diligence, efforts and strong-mindedness are still my life credo.

I focus primarily on tax consultancy, especially on natural person income tax, legal person income tax, road tax, real estate tax, real estate acquisition tax and VAT issues. I am able to provide our clients with consultancy in the field of international taxation as well.

At the same time, I attend to accounting consultancy, including setting of appropriate accounting policies and procedures, and consultancy in the field of transformations of commercial corporations. Furthermore, I am active as a liquidator in case of voluntary liquidations of commercial corporations.

The detailed knowledge of procedures in the tax field, regulated by the tax rules since 2011, has recently become more significant. This act and the corresponding case law of the supreme courts provide a wide range of tools for the protection of the clients´ remedial rights, that I use consistently in my practice.  

I was a financial manager in a corporation with more than 500 employees in the past therefore I am able to understand better the operational problems and difficulties of the life and practice of our clients. I try to find such alternative solutions that satisfy the requirements of the rapidly changing legislation and that are still administratively and operationally acceptable from the viewpoint of standard functioning of the given entity.


  • Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic – evidence No. 4847.