JUDr. Filip Šourek

JUDr. Filip Šourek

I help clients in various areas of law, in particular, when I deal with representing and defending clients at all stages of criminal proceedings. In civil and commercial law, I represent the clients with their claims from the negotiation phase to the eventual stage of applying these claims in court or arbitration proceedings and subsequently, as necessary, in the execution-execution stage. Thanks to my long-term experience gained not only in legal practice but also in business (especially in real estate), I can judge the current situation not only from the point of view of a lawyer, but also from the point of view of the trader and his priorities in negotiating business conditions.

Within real estate law I provide complex legal services for real estate agencies, developers and individuals.
Currently, the branch office of ARROWS is headed by law firms, s.r.o. in Liberec.


  • Law Firm of the Year - A highly recommended regional office in 2015 - 2020


  • Law Chamber of the Czech Republic


  • Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Lipp & Bruns, Chemnitz, DE