JUDr. Jakub Dohnal, Ph.D., LL.M.

JUDr. Jakub Dohnal, Ph.D., LL.M.
associate, partner

I advise managers, executives and members of the board of directors, and I also run our law firm. I know what business is all about and what procedures are the most effective for the client. I do not like the useless things around; I look for clear and comprehensible solutions. With regard to my natural competitiveness, I prefer legal disputes and transaction advisory services. Together with my team, we provide providers of consumer credits with a complex consultancy, as one of few in Prague and the only one in Olomouc. Actually that is the field I got my Ph.D. from.   

I taught the Civil Code at the Faculty of Law in Olomouc for several years, currently I teach seminars of legal skills and I look there for the best ones to become our new colleagues. As an attorney focused on commercial law, I try to choose such approach which allows the client´s business to happen, but also to be protected for possible disputes.  

 I know how to set complex procedures for the protection of companies, from the corporate matters, to public controls, or defence against fiscal evasion. I know project management and I have a high expertise in change process and project management.


  • Law Firm of the Year – Strongly recommended regional law firm in 2015 - 2020
  • Global Law experts – recommended attorney for litigation 2015
  • Lawyer of the Year – Talent of the Year – 3rd place 2009


  • Czech Association for Motor Trades and Repairs – member of the board of directors
  • National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education, field Law – evaluator
  • Chamber of Commerce of Olomouc District – member of the board of directors
  • Science and Technology Park in Olomouc – mentor
  • Union of Czech Lawyers – member of the presidium
  • Czech Bar Association


  • Poland – The University of Silesia in Katowice, Faculty of Law
  • USA – Faculties of Law at Berkeley and in San Diego

What I also wrote about:

  • Selected changes in consumer credit after the re-codification of private law in the Czech Republic, Silesian Journal of Legal Studies 2015
  • Jak ohrozí § 1740 odst. 3 občanského zákoníku klasické pojetí obchodních objednávek? Bulletin advokacie 2015
  • K právní úpravě škody způsobené vadou budovy či její údržbou dle občanského zákoníku, Právní rozhledy 2015
  • K povinnosti náhrady škody způsobené zvířetem dle občanského zákoníku, Právní rozhledy 2015
  • Náhrada majetkové a nemajetkové újmy v novém občanském zákoníku, kniha ANAG,  2016
  • Náhrada majetkové a nemajetkové újmy v novém občanském zákoníku, kniha ANAG, 2015
  • Obchodní smlouvy, kniha C.H.Beck, 2016