Libor Špunda

Libor Špunda
consultant, partner

In 2008, I started cooperating with one of the biggest insurance companies in the Czech Republic as an exclusive insurance broker focused on SME and industry. I worked my way up to the top position of a business specialist and became a member of the business club.

As I want to offer my clients always the best, I decided to take a step towards better services and extend the offer for my clients in 2013. I established an insurance brokerage company that is still managed by me and became a member of the biggest insurance brokerage network in the middle and eastern Europe. 

Since I was a child I have attended to sports where I gained a sense of team play, diligence, motivation and sacrifice to achieve a dream goal. I place emphasis especially on my own professionality as well as of my employees. I constantly try to improve professionally and keep up with the up-to-date trends in the field of insurance industry. I am registered as an insurance broker and insurance agent at the Czech National Bank.  

I build on these values, good relations, reliability, services, development and enthusiasm, in relation to my clients as well as employees.

I am often in contact with the clients when solving critical situations. I am not only their support in such situations but in general terms I am also constantly available. I will prepare for my clients the insurance coverage even of very atypical risks – there is no uninsurable risk for me.