Mgr. Antonín Hajdušek, LL.M.

Mgr. Antonín Hajdušek, LL.M.
associate, public procurement specialist

Antonín Hajdušek is a specialist for public procurements, EU subsidies and other non-refundable financial means provided from public budgets. In this context, he focusing mainly on the legal protection means against the subsidy reduction by its provider.

He has participated in many successful public-law audits, arbitrations according to the Administrative Procedure Code and tax proceedings conducted due to any alleged violation of budget discipline, including the representation of clients at the Appellate Financial Directorate and a set of courts within the administrative judicature.

Thanks to his specialization, he has an excellent overview of the current as well as historic decision-making practice of the Office for the Protection of Competition and judicature of administration courts and European Court of Justice, concerning the public procurements and violation of budget discipline. He provides regular trainings concerning the above-mentioned issue. 

He can help you especially with the following fields:

  • representation of subsidy recipients in arbitrations according to the Administrative Procedure Code including the preparation of proposals on opening of arbitration, assessment of risks related to the transformation of a small and middle-size enterprise into a large one from the viewpoint of a possible obligation to refund the provided EU subsidies
  • objections of audited entities within the public-law audit, representation of contractors in the tender procedure, including the preparation of objections against the procedure of contracting authorities in public procurements 
  • representation of subsidy recipients in the administrative judicature including the preparation of administrative actions and cassational complaints to the Supreme Administrative Court
  • representation of subsidy recipients in the tax proceedings including the preparation of an appeal against the levy payment assessments due to the violation of budget discipline
  • complex legal consultancy for contracting authorities, representation of contracting authorities in the tender procedure, including the preparation of tender documents


  • Law Firm of the Year – Strongly recommended regional law firm in 2015 -2020

Below you can read what he was writing about and what he is experienced in:  

  • The obligation of a contracting authority to ask the selected contractor who is a legal person to submit the identification data of the so-called real owner and relevant documents (published in the magazine Veřejné zakázky No. 6/2016)
  • Assignment of a right to settlement pursuant to § 390 of the Act on Commercial Corporations
  • How to defend against subsidy reduction?
  • New Act on Public Procurements
  • Arbitration and Lawyer´s Tariff