Mgr. Jakub Oliva

Mgr. Jakub Oliva


- Labor Law
- Agency Employment
- Employment of Foreigners
- Trade Unions, Collective Bargaining
- Rewarding Managers, Concurrence of functions
- Labor Inspection and Fines Defense
- Employment Contracts, Internal Regulations
- Defense in Case of Illegal Employment (“Švarcsystém”)

I am a labor law specialist. I went through many inspections by the Labor Inspectorate as well as negotiations with trade unions and court proceedings concerning labor law (accidents at work, severance pay, invalid testimonies, collective bargaining, discrimination, etc. ).

My clients are both employees and companies with more than 1,000 employees. I also regularly train labor law in professional seminars for both clients and the general public. As I deal with labor law on daily basis, I am able to provide consultations in areas that are not easy for ordinary lawyers with general practice.

It is reflected on my work that labor law is my hobby. I am working daily on labor law cases and I could help my clients with:

  • The law of employment agencies, including the comprehensive system of operation setting (cooperation agreement with user, liability for damage, insurance, etc.)
  • Contractual optimization of companies´ labor operation (employment contracts, internal regulations, wage regulations, sanction rules, etc.)
  • The performance of senior management (remuneration, dismissal, ban on competition, etc.)
  • Occupational accident or illness  from both employees and the employer perspective
  • Employment of foreigners (staff cards, medical examinations in the Czech Republic, deportation, etc.)
  • Long-term cooperation establishment among entrepreneurs (exclusion of accusation from the operation of so called “Švarcsystém”)
  • Inspections by the Labor Inspectorate and subsequent defense against imposed fines
  • Invalid termination of employment and recovery of related claims (wage compensation, payoff, severance, compensation of damages, etc.)
  • Unequal treatment at the workplace (direct or indirect wage and other discrimination)


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