Mgr. Lukáš Nálevka

Mgr. Lukáš Nálevka


- energy law
- agreements and contracts
- corporate law
- implementation of GDPR

I´m a lawyer practicing general practice, in which I mainly deal with law of obligations and selected issues in the field of corporate law. Energy law is the subjekt of my narrower specialization and daily agenda.

The experience gained in the field o fprivate law, together with deepe rknowledge of the Energy Act and related legislation, are the best preconditions to be able to provide comprehensive legal advice to clients (manufacturers, distributors and traders) undertaking in the electricity, gas and heat markets.

I solve every case of our clients with due diligence and I always try to think a few steps in advance. 

I am able to provide legal services to you especisally in following field:

- draft and revisions of agreements

- representation in judicial proceedings

- setting up commercial companies

- preparation and revision of contractual documentation in field of energy law

- petting the cooperation between participants in the elektricity and gas market

disputes in energy law