Mgr. Ondřej Cicvárek

Mgr. Ondřej Cicvárek
junior associate

Ondřej Cicvárek is a successful graduate of the Faculty of Law of Palacký University in Olomouc. During his international stay Ondřej studied Business Administration at Naples University Paphos, where he had the opportunity to broaden his knowledge in microeconomics, business management and professional ethics.

At ARROWS ETL Global, he specializes mainly in the field of trademarks, where he provides full legal services from the complete preparation of trademark applications to representation in all types of administrative or judicial proceedings (opposition proceedings, proceedings for cancellation or invalidity of a trademark, proceedings for trademark infringement, etc.).

The firm also focuses on gambling and lottery law, where it most frequently advises our clients on issues related to the scope of the Gambling Act and regulation of gambling advertising. In this area, Ondřej has also completed a number of misdemeanor proceedings related to the unauthorized processing and dissemination of advertisements for unauthorized gambling, which gives him detailed knowledge of the current decision-making practice of customs authorities.

Last but not least, Ondřej also focuses on litigation, in particular private law disputes with a focus on debt recovery.

Prior to joining ARROWS ETL Global, Ondřej focused on consumer and business lending (from the preparation of contractual documentation to the effective recovery of loan receivables), as well as public auctions.


  • Preparation of a trademark application from A to Z (Industrial Property Office, Office
    European Union Intellectual Property Office)
  • Representation in trademark-related proceedings (in particular opposition proceedings
    proceedings against the registration of a trademark, proceedings for revocation or invalidity of a trademark,
    proceedings for infringement of trade mark rights)
  • Representation in administrative proceedings in the field of gambling and lottery law
  • Representation in civil court proceedings (from the preparation of the pre-action summons to the issuance of
    final decision)
  • Conducting pre-trial negotiations with the opposing party, preparing and implementing potential amicable settlements, agreements and settlements