We provide support to

We provide our clients with banking and similar activities with complete legal services. The law firm deals with everything from contractual documents to regulation to the CNB.

For the clients we primarily deal with a contractual and tax agenda from the purchase of lands, or projects to the sale/rent of real estate. We process tailored system solutions.  In some cases we buy the whole companies for the clients, in other we help with the purchase of lands, we ensure necessary building licenses and following sale/rent. We closely cooperate with a project management.

We provide a complex, professional and prompt service in the field of commercial law and taxes. We write contracts, trading conditions, we register trademarks and we settle disputes from unfair competition. Our activity in the field of a corporate law is self-evident. We can set up a company, but also merge and change it. The protection against vexatious claims from indemnification against statutory authorities is very topical.

We write contracts and carry out a notarial deposit. Since we have a big team of lawyers we can do real estate contracts within 24 hours. We implement legal changes into the real estate contracts and we train brokers.   We have transferred buildings at the price of several tens of millions Czech crowns but we also draw up contracts for flats at an affordable price. We also do due diligence (verification of acquisition tenure and legal relationships to real estate) and transaction counselling (manner of transfer, drawing up deeds).

We frequently prepare and update transport and shipping conditions for our clients and we also collect their claims. We deal with a complex legal and tax service including contracts governed by public law and subsidy counselling.   We consult and look for suitable subsidy tenures for our clients; we also carry out a legal position from the field of labour law of drivers and unions. We settle disputes from the loss of consignments and delayed transport of goods. Our great agenda is realization and counselling in the field of public procurement.

We know how to set a suitable system and processes in many jurisdictions of the world. We always have personal experience with the destinations and we consult it with our CEE partners.

Configuration of appropriate measures for the protection of assets and internal functioning. Prevention of assets defalcations and control mechanisms.

We draw up contracts in the field of sports law (player contracts, transfers and hosting of professional sportsmen, insurance, sponsorship, advertisement, etc.). We provide representation in sports arbitrations. We recover sportsmen remunerations due from sports clubs.

Protection of rights of minor shareholders, representation in the exercise of shareholders´ rights, disputes with majority owners, information right, negotiation on suppression conditions.

We help during complex transaction processes, acquisitions and changes at corporations. We have our own team of tax consultants and accountants, but we perform outsourcing of legal services in many cases.

We represent in incidence disputes and real estate transactions. We recover indemnification from statutory authorities and we represent companies in incidental disputes.