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We are a stable partner who provides banks, credit unions and their clients with legal counselling regarding acquisition, real estate and project financing. We also counsel providers of consumer credits, insurance companies and other finance houses regarding the regulation of their activities and their regular operation.

We ensure for our clients issue of securities, and we advise them regarding regulation of capital markets. We provide legal services in the field of cryptocurrencies, from the design of legal framework for Initial Coin Offering (ICO), to legal support to projects based on the technology Blockchain or Smart Contracts.

Our law firm has many years of experience in advising enterprises during subsidy processes; already throughout the application phase but mainly in subsidy disputes. We provide complex legal services in the matters of business subsidies from the funds of the Czech Republic, the European Union or others.

Our legal specialists are often consulted by the clients already on the choice of a legal form for their particular business intent. We provide the services regarding the corporate law in cooperation with our tax team. Thanks to that our clients receive comprehensive assistance that reflects not only purely legal aspects but also works for the best tax solution.

The labour law team of our law firm is well acclaimed for their deep knowledge and rich experience in the field. Our experts specialize in the labour law only so that they can deliver to our client truly qualified advisory in this quite particular area of law. We are able to provide swift consultation in matters that may be challenge for a general lawyer.

We know well from our experience how very explicit the legal issues of hospitals, clinics or other health facilities are. Our law firm has a strong team of specialist apt in the medical law matters.

Due to the extensiveness of the administrative law, our law firm has created a team of specialists focused especially on the construction administrative law. We are able to provide comprehensive legal services in this area not only aimed on large development projects.

We also provide legal advisory in the sphere of private life of our clients, in our law firm. Those are mainly matters related to private property and family law. Our clients appreciate our sensitive approach. Together with our professionality we guarantee absolutely discrete approach.

Sports law is an area of law covering the specific legal relations that arise in connection with sporting activities. It covers legal matters of relations between sport professionals and sports clubs, doping issues, indemnification of harm caused during or through sport performance issues, sponsoring relationships, injury and insurance issues and many others.

The business environment is an environment where the profit interests of entrepreneurs meet with the public interest for healthy economic system and provision of functional distribution in the form of taxes. The entrepreneurs therefore are bearing the responsibility for performing their businesses in a way that is not colliding with these public interests in a form of unacceptable practices.

Our law firm provides advisory to the regional self-government authorities on all levels of their activities. We cooperate with regional councils and executive bodies on a regular basis. We represent them in their affairs with the state authorities, entrepreneurs and citizens.

We represent our clients in their business related disputes. We have many years of experience and some of the top specialists in our team thanks to which our clients are one step ahead to their opponents.

Our law firm specializes also in the administrative law advisory services. Administrative law is a very broad area of law that we come across on a daily basis. It covers all our encounters with public authorities, respectively with all kinds of public offices. It also covers proceedings of the administrative courts.

In our law firm, we have a team of experts specialized in legal advisory in the area of the hazard and lottery laws. We provide services in this field of law to local as well as foreign clients, in the initiative phase when establishing such business as well as representing already running businesses. We represent our clients in front of public authorities, courts or general contractual relationships.

Our law firm has established a stable clientele among schools. We have set up a special team for that matter with great expertise in the area of school law. Thanks to our experience, we are able to swiftly understand and react to the specific legal problems that are challenging schools.

Since there are many large corporations as well as state authorities among our clients, we worked our way up to become one of the best experts in the area of the procurement law. It is an enormously administratively demanding field of law and everyone who tries to go through the process without an experienced lawyer will likely to find it overkill. 

GDPR - the General Data Protection Regulation is a revolutionary piece of law of the European Union that increases significantly the protection standards of the EU citizens‘personal data. GDPR represents new legal framework of the data treatment in the European area with the aim to defend the rights of the EU citizens from any unfair use of their personal data.