We trust that a court litigation shall be the ultimate solution of a possible dispute with your partners or clients.

The former chairman of the Supreme Court of the United States once noted that the best service a lawyer can provide to the client is to keep the client out of a court room. We share this philosophy. Our conviction is to solve disputes in negotiations by well supported legal arguments in a first place.

Large number of disputes arises due to a wrong understanding of rights and obligations in the given relationship. Open negotiations with presence of legal representatives of the parties often helps to clarify such misunderstandings and to prevent costly and lengthy court litigations.

Our specialists have valuable experiences necessary to asses the best negotiation strategy for each given case based on the specific circumstances. Sensitive approach is invaluable in cases like this, and mere knowledge of law is just not enough. We know well how to comprehend the origin of the problem and the intent of the counterparty and how to react in an adequate way. 

Amicably or not

Despite the fact that we always strive for an amicable solutions, there are cases when it just does not work. We have the team specialized for the dispute and litigation agenda at the traditional courts as well as arbitration tribunals. We always aim at solving the dispute successfully, effectively, fast and without unnecessary costs.

We are very familiar with the environment of the Czech justice due to our many years of practice. We have perfect knowledge of the law and related judicature, but we also know many judges of regional and higher courts, respectively the way they usually tend to decide. On a similar note, we are well familiar with the environment of the main Czech and European arbitration tribunals, and we are able to recommend many knowledgeable and good quality arbiters.

We provide complex representation in litigations. We prepare a disarming legal argumentation; we are ready to cope with procedural challenges thanks to our deep knowledge of the process rules omission of which may easily lose the case despite a valid title. In the area of arbitrations, we also provide services in international arbitration cases. We consult our partnering law firms abroad in case of foreign law applies. We are experienced in proceedings in front of an ad hoc as well as stable tribunals. We have many successful proceedings on our records in front of the Arbitration Tribunal of the Czech Chamber of Commerce. 

Corporation Disputes

We handle many dispute cases between shareholders of a corporation related to the key corporation resolutions or to dispositions with the corporate assets. There are legally defined defence tools against resolutions adopted by a general assembly against the will of some shareholders,  some may be even reverted.

We provide legal services in cases like this to both the shareholders who are in discord with adopted resolution and those who wish to defend an adopted resolution as legally sound.

Similarly we often handle disputes arising from share transfer agreements.
With success, we solved several such disputes related to indemnification or even claims to void the whole agreement.

Moreover, we assist in disputes between the shareholders and the corporation management - so called shareholders’ claims, reflexive damage claims, or claims for compensation caused by a controlling party. We are highly qualified in handling disputes of these or similar sorts arising in the world of sometimes suprisingly fragile corporate relations.

We further provide legal services in disputes on financial and commodity market where our litigation team can benefit from close cooperation with our capital market specialists. These often are litigations in front of regular state courts but also many times in front of arbitration tribunals.

We provide especially the following services in the area of the business disputes:

  • Representation in front of regular courts and the arbitration tribunals
  • Anticipation measures, dispute proceedings, procedural appeals;
  • Representation in front of the Arbitration Tribunal o the Czech Chamber of Commerce;
  • Corporation disputes, disputes between shareholders;
  • Shareholders’ claims, reflexive damage compensation claims;
  • Proceeding in front of the Exchange Court of Arbitration;
  • International legal disputes, international arbitration.