Legal representation in litigation

Our office has many years of experience in the field of dispute resolution in commercial matters. Our team consists of leading experts, thanks to whom you will be one step ahead of your opponent in a dispute.

We believe that litigation is only the final solution to a dispute with partners or customers. The former president of the United States Supreme Court once said that the best service a lawyer can provide to a client is to keep him out of court. This is also the philosophy of our law firm. We try to resolve disputes primarily through negotiations supported by quality legal arguments.

A large number of disputes arise only from a misunderstanding of the rights and obligations of a given relationship. Open hearings with our experienced lawyers can often be enough to clear up such inconsistencies and prevent costly and possibly protracted litigation.

Our experts have valuable experience, which is necessary to evaluate the best negotiation strategy according to the circumstances of a particular case. We are aware that a sensitive approach is invaluable in these situations, as mere knowledge of the legislation is not enough. We will focus on the origin of the problem and the intention of the counterparty and we will respond accordingly.

Representation in court proceedings

Although we fully support the amicable settlement of disputes, there are many cases where this is not possible. We are therefore equipped with a team of specialists on controversial issues, whether before traditional courts or arbitration tribunals. We will make every effort to ensure that your dispute is resolved not only successfully, but also as efficiently, quickly and without unnecessary costs.

We are a law firm with many years of experience, thanks to which we are well versed in the environment of the Czech judiciary. We have not only a perfect knowledge of law and related case law, but also the knowledge of many judges of regional and higher courts, and therefore their decision-making habits. Similarly, we are well acquainted with the environment of Czech and European arbitration and we can recommend many erudite and really good arbitrators if necessary.

In this context, we will provide you with complete representation in litigation. We will not only prepare a disarming legal argument for you, we are also ready to face procedural pitfalls thanks to our deep knowledge of procedural rules, the neglect of which can easily lead to the loss of a dispute despite the existing claim.

In the field of arbitration proceedings, we will also provide you with services in cases of international arbitration. We are ready to contact our partner foreign offices in cases of applicability of foreign law. We have extensive experience in proceedings before permanent and ad hoc arbitral tribunals. We record many successes in proceedings before the Arbitration Court at the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic.

Corporation Disputes

Have you found yourself in a situation where you have not agreed with your partner or other shareholders of the corporation in making fundamental decisions about the company or managing the company's assets? We will advise you on how to defend against decisions taken by the General Meeting against your will, or how to reverse such decisions.

In this area, we will provide you with qualified services, whether you are a partner or a shareholder and you do not agree with an already adopted decision or, on the contrary, you want to defend your decisions as legally uncontested.

We also often deal with disputes arising from share transfer agreements in business corporations. We have successfully resolved several such complex disputes concerning the right to compensation for damage or even the invalidity of such a contract.

For our clients, we also resolve disputes between partners or shareholders regarding the company management, so-called company lawsuits, disputes over reflex damage, or for compensation for damage caused by an influential person. If you are looking for highly qualified professionals to resolve these and many other disputes that arise in the world of sometimes surprisingly fragile corporate relationships, you have come to the right place.

We will also provide you with legal representation in the sphere of commodity and financial business relations, where we will benefit from the knowledge of our experts focused on these areas. This applies to possible proceedings before ordinary courts as well as arbitration courts.

We provide especially the following services in the area of the business disputes:

  • Representation in front of regular courts and the arbitration tribunals
  • Anticipation measures, dispute proceedings, procedural appeals;
  • Representation in front of the Arbitration Tribunal o the Czech Chamber of Commerce;
  • Corporation disputes, disputes between shareholders;
  • Shareholders’ claims, reflexive damage compensation claims;
  • Proceeding in front of the Exchange Court of Arbitration;
  • International legal disputes, international arbitration.