Capital markets & Cryptocurrencies

Attorneys and taxpayers - cryptocurrencies

Are you looking for an office that really knows the field of cryptocurrencies? You have come to the right place. We are one of the few law firms providing comprehensive legal and tax advice on cryptocurrencies. In the past, we handled, for example, the possibilities of raising capital through ICO, or the legal regulation of ICO.

In the field of virtual currencies, we have experts who really know their stuff. If you have a business interest related to cryptocurrencies, contact our experts who will help you with the entire process in a professional and thorough manner. We have set up cryptocurrency exchanges, advised on cryptocurrency taxation and set up appropriate structures for doing business in this area.

You will find comprehensive legal advice with a focus on the European Union law and relevant international regulations.

The most common cryptocurrency issues we discuss with you are:

  • legal regulation of cryptocurrency transactions in the Czech Republic
  • trading in cryptocurrencies and their derivatives
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO), including project preparation and assessment of relevant regulation
  • legal opinions and assistance in the area of AML obligations
  • cryptocurrencies and capital market regulation - representation before regulatory authorities, opinions
  • debt recovery in BTC, LTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies
  • IGO and KYC in the Czech Republic

Capital markets and cryptocurrencies in one place

We can advise you on capital markets regulation and arrange securities issues. We can help in all areas of cryptocurrency, from designing the legal framework for Initial Coin Offering (ICO), including providing legal services, cryptocurrency exchanges, to representing in litigation to recover claims in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. You can also contact us regarding projects based on Blockchain technology or Smart Contracts.

We will guide you through the world of capital markets

Our capital markets law specialists assist securities firms, collective investment funds and other capital markets entities with the full range of capital markets and collective investment legal issues.

If you are an issuer of securities, you will find comprehensive advice on the preparation of the prospectus, terms and conditions of issue and other documentation related to the issue of securities, including representation before the CNB.

If you are a securities dealer or provide other financial services, you will appreciate our careful legal advice on regulatory aspects of your business or the preparation of model contractual documentation and internal regulations. 

Whatever you are dealing with in the capital markets, our team of dedicated professionals is ready to give you a helping hand. You will find assistance that also takes into account related regulations outside the field of capital markets law, in particular anti-money laundering (AML) measures, related tax law issues or data protection (GDPR). 

Traders as well as intermediaries can find help with us

We can help you represent clients in disputes, whether you are a trader or an intermediary in the capital market. We will also advise in cases of contractual choice of law of another state for the assessment of such contractual relationship, and we have experience in assisting our clients in the scope of assessing the validity of such choice of law arrangements.

Dealing with matters with an international dimension is our bread and butter and we have cooperating advisors in several European countries, so you can contact us even with problems of a global nature.

In the area of capital markets, we assist you in particular with:

  • preparation of securities prospectus, terms of issue and other documentation related to the issue of securities, representation of the client before the CNB;
  • securing a European passport or licence;
  • legal advice on the regulation of investment and other financial services, including representation before and communication with regulatory authorities;
  • preparation of contractual documentation according to ISDA and EFET templates;
  • representation in disputes with clients, including disputes decided by arbitration.