Construction law

We are specialists in advisory related to construction, maintenance, reconstruction and investment projects.

For our clients from the ranks of developers, we primarily discuss, draft contracts and prepare all contractual documentation, but we also ensure all the necessary steps in proceedings under the Building Act so that the construction can be successfully completed from a public point of view. We possess deep knowlegde of construction law and related regulated such as the act on environment impact assessment (EIA), act on protection of nature and landscape, state heritage protection or environmental protection where we often represent our clients in disputes regarding waste management. We shall represent you in all phases of territory procedures, as well as constructuon and final approval procedures, especially to arrange for a construction permit or to notify a construction. If necessary we are able to provide advice on necessary changes to the spatial planning documentation so that the planned project can be implemented in the area, including possible negotiations with representatives of municipalities.

Development projects

We negotiate and draft contracts and all relevant documentation for our clients among major developers, as well as preparing contracts with designer architects or construction inspectors. Not only do we represent our clients on constructive administrative procedure but if it is necessary to protect the client’s rights, we are fully prepared to advance to court proceedings to defend the client. We often deal with established defects of the work, defect claiming and compensation.

In connection with development projects, we also deal with the matter of subsidies, by assisting client’s preparation and submission of a subsidy application. We further assist developers with demanding procurement procedures.

In particular, the following services that are provided:

  • Comprehensive Legal services for construction and development projects;
  • Representation in court proceedings (disputes arising from work contracts, etc);
  • Representation in all phases of the building permitting process;
  • Negotiations between landowners, builders and developers;
  • Representation before building authorities and other public administrative bodies;
  • Representation in proceedings on the acquisition of a new zoning plan, or changes to the existing zoning plan;
  • Representation in the application of compensation for changes in the territory or compensation for restrictions on property rights negotiating contracts with tenants, credit documentation, corporate structures.

In addition to other areas, we also specialize in legal advice in the field of spatial planning and building regulations, where we have extensive experience with all types of proceedings under the Building Act and related legislation. We, therefore, are able to offer the client comprehensive assistance in this direction so that it can quickly and efficiently achieve its goal.

We have a deep knowledge of the Building Act and related legislation such as the Environmental Impact Assessment Act, the Integrated Prevention Act, the Nature and Landscape Protection Act, the State Monument Care Act or the Public Health Protection Act.

We represent in all proceedings related to the issue of construction law, whether it’s exercising legitimate interests of persons in proceedings for the acquisition of a zoning plan, or the permission of the construction, extension or reconstruction plan. We provide clients with advice related to the assessment of the compliance of the building with the zoning plan and subsequent steps to achieve a change in the zoning plan. Finally, we also deal with compensation for interference with client’s property rights caused by adverse changes to zoning plans to the extent necessary, including possible litigation.

Placement of buildings and their permits

Execution of all permits necessary for the implementation of your construction plan means circulating offices, neighbours, seeking opinions, etc which is something we take care off in a skilled manner. We discuss the construction plan with the building authorities on your behalf, find out what the construction options are on the given plot of land, and provide all the necessary documents for obtaining the necessary permits.

We also provide additional support in filling out and submitting the necessary proposals for you, provide lists of owners of neighbouring properties and, if necessary, negotiate with them to agree to the planned construction. Negotiation also extends to administrators and owners of the affected engineering networks and affected technical infrastructure.

Spatial Planning

In the area of spatial planning, we are able to guide clients through the entire process of acquiring a new spatial plan or accepting a change to an existing spatial plan. We represent clients who are affected by the planned changes in land use, as well as providing essential advice to municipal authorities, which are in the position of the acquirer of the land use plan.

An arrangement along with preparation for the proposal for the acquisition of a new zoning plan or a change to an existing zoning plan. This is done by preparing comments or objections to the draft zoning plan, followed by representation in a public hearing if need be. Also, if necessary, we are also ready to challenge the approved zoning plan legality or its annulment by the courts.

We also deal with comprehensive advice in cases where clients are entitled to compensation for a change in the territory according to the relevant provisions of the Building Act or compensation for the restriction of ownership by newly by newly adopted spatial planning documentation. Final stages will involve making active claims in regard to compensation for clients and subsequently enforcing such measures through the courts.