ARROWS Law Firm - Partner for businesses planning corporate bond issuance

Are you seeking experts in corporate bond issuance in the Czech Republic? Do you need legal assistance in drafting issuance documents?
ARROWS Law Firm is here for you.

We are part of an international consulting group and have extensive experience supporting businesses in the bond issuance process, especially in energy, development, and real estate investing. We collaborate with local entrepreneurs and large commercial corporations.

We offer comprehensive services in the field of corporate bond issuance - from assessing your intentions, through drafting necessary documents, to representing you in administrative proceedings at the Czech National Bank. Our expertise will guide you throughout the process.

Challenges in issuing corporate bonds

Companies that decide to issue corporate bonds often face challenges. Bond issuance can be an alternative to bank financing, especially if the bank refuses to grant a loan. It's essential to have a partner who understands the entire process.

How a bond prospectus can help you?

The credibility of the issuer in the eyes of investors and the wider public is crucial. With a bond prospectus, you can make a public offer without limiting the volume of the issue and have broader advertising opportunities. If you decide on an issuance with a prospectus, we'll help you choose the right type, whether it's a standard prospectus, basic prospectus, or a union growth prospectus.

Services we offer in corporate bond issuance:

  • Legal regime of issuance: We'll advise you on selecting the appropriate issuance regime.
  • Setting issuance conditions: We'll help you set conditions such as bond distribution and their maturity.
  • Documentation for issuance: We'll draft the necessary documents for the selected type of issuance.
  • Administrative proceedings: We'll represent you in proceedings at the Czech National Bank.
  • Issuance promotion: We'll advise you on how to correctly promote and offer bonds.

Why choose ARROWS Law Firm for bond issuance?

Through our experience with corporate bond issuance in the Czech Republic, we are the ideal partner for your business. We have a team of experts specializing in various aspects of the bond issuance process, ready to provide you with comprehensive services. Contact us, and with our assistance, you'll overcome all challenges associated with corporate bond issuance.