Legal advisory in the field of corporate law

Welcome to the profile of our legal and tax advisory team. It's one of the areas we're really proud of. Our law firm provides comprehensive legal consultancy in all areas of corporate law and collaborates closely with our tax team.

This may be a phrase you've read at many law firms, but we have specialists who deal with “corporate” on a daily basis. 

For an ordinary attorney, corporate law is an irregular adjunct to his or her practice and often relates to changes in the commercial register or incidental corporate matters. But we really like corporate and it is obvious.

We can help you especially in the following areas:

Legal relations related to the establishment, formation, administration, winding up and dissolution of business corporations, including their liquidation

  • analysis and selection of a suitable form of business, establishment of a business corporation, deposit administration, representation in registration proceedings, before the trade or other competent authority, bank and notary
  • setting up the management and governance structure of the corporation, including rules of conduct of members of the bodies and related contractual documentation, proxy
  • business groupings, including corporate law, advising on relations between parent and subsidiary companies
  • joint ventures, private equity, branch, branch plant, plant of a foreign entity
  • change of registered office, articles of association or memorandum of association, transfer of registered office to (from) abroad, keeping a list of partners, shareholders and members
  • processing business authorisations (licences, concessions)
  • organisation and management of general and membership meetings, per rollam decision-making, relationship report, annual report
  • representation of the corporation in proceedings to invalidate resolutions of the general meeting or other bodies of the corporation
  • increase and decrease of share capital, additional payments outside the share capital
  • payments of profit shares (dividends, royalties) or other own resources and advances of profit shares or other own resources
  • creation of special types of shares
  • exchangeable and senior bonds
  • conversion of securities into book-entry securities
  • public offer for the purchase or exchange of participating securities
  • mandatory public tender offer and repurchase of participating securities
  • squeeze out and sell out
  • management and compliance programmes
  • housing associations
  • voluntary and compulsory dissolution of a business corporation
  • liquidation
  • guardianship of a business corporation
  • corporate issues with an international element
  • performance of duties in relation to the commercial register, including the collection of documents

Relationships between business corporations, their partners, shareholders or members, and between partners, shareholders or members with each other

  • partnership, shareholder and membership agreements
  • transfers, pledges and pre-emption and other rights to shares and stock
  • exit from a business corporation
  • appointment, removal and remuneration of members of the corporate bodies, performance contracts, internal regulations and option programs
  • partnership, shareholder and membership actions
  • convertible loans
  • disputes between business corporations and their partners, shareholders or members
  • disputes between partners, shareholders or members with each other
  • disputes between business corporations and members of their bodies
  • due diligence, damage liability of members of the bodies
  • exercise of the rights of majority and minority partners, shareholders and members
  • advising the statutory and controlling bodies of a business corporation, including D&O insurance

Protection of rights infringed or threatened by unfair competition or unlawful restrictions on competition

  • misleading advertising, misleading labelling of goods and services, creating a probability of confusion, taking advantage of the reputation of another competitor's plant, product or services, bribery, disparagement, comparative advertising, breach of trade secrets, vexatious harassment and endangering health and the environment, and special acts of unfair competition
  • unlawful restriction of competition (anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position, mergers of competitors)
  • advising competitors and customers on claims for injunctive relief, appropriate relief, damages and unjust enrichment

Protection of the name, reputation and privacy of a legal entity

Disposal of the business plant or part thereof

Trusts and management of external property (trusts)