We are specialists in criminal law and defence. The business environment is an environment where the economic interests of business entities clash with the public interests of society in maintaining a healthy  economy and ensuring functional redistribution in the form of taxes. If you are an entrepreneur, you are responsible for running your business activities in a way that does not jeopardize the public interest through acceptable practices.

We believe that we acquire the most experienced lawyers that can handle criminal matters with great care and skill as well as provide you with additional support with counselling, in which one avoids possible criminal proceedings, and in the case of already pending criminal matters, we guarantee the best legal defence in all phases of the process.

Preventive Consultations

The relationships in business are becoming heavier and the relationships in business environments and complex markets are becoming more complicated, and the structures of business entities are more complex. This responsibility is therefore more and more burdensome. Criminal law prudence in business is necessary to a much greater extent than before.

We will consult you on matters in regards to business concepts and important decisions or settings of the internal rules of the corporation in the light of preventive protection against possible conflicts with strict rules of criminal liability. Keep in mind that taking the wrong step is sometimes easier than it seems, also because the crime can be committed not only with direct intent.

If you are in the position of a member of the Board of Directors, an executive officer, a member of the Supervisory Board, but also a public lawyer, you may be confronted with criminal law issues. We will prepare specific principles for the activities of your organization. Whether it is a small, medium or large company, you should have well-established mechanisms to prevent corruption, fraud, or to prevent abuse of public position. You should pay close attention to criminal financial matters, but also to the rules of employee protection.

We encourage you to thoroughly review the decision-making processes and practices in your organization for the risks associated with possible allegations of classic economic crimes such as embezzlement, fraud or money laundering. One of the biggest scarecrows still remains the problem-free setting of the tax regime and the associated financial processes within the organization.

Criminal Liability of legal proceedings

Our clients are often involved in the area of ​​criminal liability of legal entities. Moreover, it is still widespread in Czech law and it is not easy for legal laymen to keep up with this development. Since 2014, there has been a significant increase in criminal proceedings in this area. In 2014, 139 legal entities were prosecuted, and by the end of 2017, the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office registered almost 330 companies in which criminal proceedings had already been initiated. The number of legally convicted legal entities is growing in a similar way. We have a strong team of criminal law experts who focus on economic crimes. Together with our teams of experts in commercial, capital and tax law, we are thus perfectly equipped to provide you with top services in the field of criminal defence and prevention with a focus on economic crimes and criminal liability of legal entities.

Defence in criminal proceedings

Our experts have bulletproof knowledge of procedural regulations and many years of experience in dealing with law enforcement agencies, from the police, prosecutors to the courts.

We will provide you with a defense in the preparatory proceedings, representation in the custody proceedings, in the main trial and in the proceedings before the Court of Appeal. We will write and file regular and extraordinary remedies against decisions of law enforcement agencies. We will help you in cases of initiating tax or other inspection proceedings. We are also ready to respond promptly with legal assistance in cases of house searches.

We provide especially the following legal services in the area of the criminal law:

  • Economical and fiscal criminal law;
  • Criminal responsibility of legal entities;
  • Criminal prevention, preparation of guidelines, recommendation of training and controlling mechanisms;
  • Criminal law due diligence;
  • Criminal defence in the preparatory proceeding, in the custody proceedings, the main hearing or the appeal procedures;
  • Draft and file regular and irregular appeals against decision of the criminal law authorities;
  • Legal assistance in case of tax and other criminal procedures;
  • Legal assistance during house searches, dawn raids.