The business environment is an environment where the profit interests of entrepreneurs meet with the public interest for healthy economic system and provision of functional distribution in the form of taxes. The entrepreneurs therefore are bearing the responsibility for performing their businesses in a way that is not colliding with these public interests in a form of unacceptable practices.

We believe that we are just the right defence lawyers in criminal law matters who will advise you in a way so that you avoid crashes with criminal law at all; yet, in the case there already is an ongoing criminal procedure against you, we will guarantee you the best legal defence in all phases of the process.

Preventive consultations

The responsibilities in business are becoming heavier as the relationships are getting more complicated in the complex markets and business structures more confusing. Criminal law precaution in business is more necessary than ever.

Our clients consult with us mostly their business concepts, key decisions or setting up of internal rules of the corporation to the effect of preventing possible collisions with criminal responsibility. It is fair to say that making a wrong step may be much easier than it may seem. It is possible to commit crime not only with direct intent under the Czech law.

The board of directors’ members, executives, members of the supervisory boards, as well as public executives are permanently confronted with criminal law issues. We will prepare for you concrete principles for your individual needs. Not only the middle and large size enterprises need to have well established mechanisms for corruption prevention, embezzlement prevention, or abuse of public powers prevention as the case may be. Great deal of attention shall be paid also to fiscal criminal prevention or the rules of employees’ protection.

We recommend to our clients to examine thoroughly their decision making processes and activities in their organisation where there may be potential for typical economical criminality such as  embezzlement, fraud, or money laundering. One of the biggest challenges remains the tax regime and standard settings together with related financial processes inside an organisation.

Legal entities in jail, too

Our clients often inquire on the criminal responsibility of legal entities. It is a complicated legal matter and it has been continuously extended over the years. Since 2014, there was a noticeable increase of criminal procedures with legal entities. In 2014, there were 139 legal entities under charges; by the end of 2017, the Supreme State Attorney Office had 330 proceeding with legal entities on their records. The number of sentenced legal entities rises accordingly.

We have a strong team of criminal law specialists who are focused on the economy crime law. In close cooperation with our business, capital market and fiscal law, we are perfectly equipped to provide top legal services in the area of criminal defence and prevention in business.

Criminal defence 

Our services go far beyond mere preventive advisory. Our experts possess a bulletproof knowledge of the criminal procedural law and many years of contact with criminal law authorities - as the case may be the police, the state attorneys, or the courts.

We represent our clients in the preparatory proceeding, in the custody proceedings, the court main hearing or the appeal procedures.  We draft and file regular and irregular appeals against decision of the criminal law authorities. We provide legal assistance in cases of tax or other inspections; we are promptly available in case of house searches.

We provide especially the following legal services in the area of the criminal law:

  • Economical and fiscal criminal law;
  • Criminal responsibility of legal entities;
  • Criminal prevention, preparation of guidelines, recommendation of training and controlling mechanisms;
  • Criminal law due diligence;
  • Criminal defence in in the preparatory proceeding, in the custody proceedings, the main hearing or the appeal procedures;
  • draft and file regular and irregular appeals against decision of the criminal law authorities;
  • legal assistance in case of tax and other criminal procedures;
  • legal assistance during house searches, dawn raids.