Our legal, tax and economic advisory team is ready to assist you in the field of insolvency law and crisis management. If you are a businessman, it is very likely that you will encounter this area, whether as a creditor or debtor. We are one of the few law firms that can offer you quality services in the area of insolvency and crisis law, as we combine the law with business, tax and accounting insights. The comprehensive focus of our firm and advisory group makes us the exception in this field that can do just that. 

We provide legal services on the broadest and complex scale

The legal services of our attorneys are not limited in the insolvency and crisis management area to filing applications and drafting insolvency petitions. We think and work differently. We provide services in this area in the broadest, most comprehensive manner, with connections to all other related legal and non-legal areas. 

We are here for creditors, debtors and trustees in bankruptcy

We pay attention to insolvency issues and crisis management on a daily basis, which brings us a wealth of experience from both sides of the barricade. Whether you are a creditor or a potential debtor, we are happy to advise you and comprehensively resolve your difficulties before the insolvency procedure is even initiated. Are you a trustee in bankruptcy or have you found yourself in the position of a (potential) debtor or creditor during the insolvency procedure and are looking for legal representation? Do not hesitate to contact us. We know what matters to you, whichever of these entities you are. We know what to look for, and if you have a dispute, we can exploit any weaknesses thanks to our “view from the other side”. 

We collaborate with one of the leading bankruptcy specialists

We cooperate directly with one of the leading bankruptcy specialists, Mgr. Ing. Jan Škripko, partner of ARROWS Insolvence, trustee in bankruptcy and attorney. Using his knowledge and many years of experience, including in the accounting and tax field, our insolvency team under his guidance will accurately assess each problem in the field of insolvency law and crisis management and propose an effective and economical solution in terms of your needs, whether within the framework of the ongoing insolvency procedure or before it. 

We can help you with restructuring and moratorium

We can provide a comprehensive legal service even in restructurings. We prepare and negotiate restructuring plans and moratorium for debtors. 

We will resolve the entry of an investor as well as purchase of so-called problem assets

If your company is in trouble or, conversely, you as an investor are planning to enter a company in difficulty, our team of advisors will support you and guide you through the process. We can also assist you in dealing with debt redemptions or other situations related to distressed assets.

In the field of insolvency law and crisis management, we will be happy to assist you especially in the following matters:

For debtors

  • advice to statutory bodies - defence against imminent bankruptcy and complex coordination of crisis management of the company in the context of imminent bankruptcy
  • analysing the conditions of bankruptcy and choosing the appropriate next course of action
  • defence against vexatious (unfounded) insolvency petitions
  • assessment of the necessity of the insolvency petition and evaluation of the risks associated with the performance of the statutory body's functions
  • preparation of insolvency petitions
  • negotiating terms with creditors, negotiating a framework for the continued operation of the business, deferments, repayment schedules, settlement agreements, financing the business or securing the liabilities
  • preparation and negotiation of the moratorium
  • preparation and negotiation of restructuring plans
  • comprehensive representation in the insolvency procedure, including restructurings
  • protection against improper conduct of the insolvency court and the trustee in bankruptcy, claims for breach of an obligation by the trustee in bankruptcy

For creditors

  • settlement agreements, assignment of claims and other ways of claim remedy before opening of the insolvency procedure
  • filing claims in the insolvency procedure
  • proposal for interim measures to secure damage caused by the exercise of the statutory body's functions in breach of due care
  • negotiations with the trustee in bankruptcy and the insolvency court from the position of secured and unsecured creditors
  • objections, appeals and other remedies against court decisions in the insolvency procedure
  • monitoring of the insolvency procedure and control over the effective performance of the function of a trustee in bankruptcy, suggestions for the supervisory activities of the insolvency court
  • representation at the review meeting, representation at other related creditor meetings 
  • representation in incidents concerning claims or other entitlements
  • application of claims against the estate and claims equal to them
  • defence of creditors against unjustified claims of the trustee in bankruptcy
  • assessment of measures and protection against future litigation, minimisation of damage related to the debtor's bankruptcy 
  • representation in all types of disputes related to the insolvency procedure
  • collective representation of creditors
  • representation in creditors' committees and at creditors' meetings

For trustees in bankruptcy

  • representation in all types of incidents
  • advising on the proper conduct of the insolvency procedure
  • advising on the management of a business (plant) in the insolvency procedure
  • asserting rights against third parties, e.g. debt recovery
  • representation of trustees in bankruptcy in land disputes, intellectual property disputes, damages and other
  • advising on compliance with the duties of a trustee in bankruptcy
  • monetization of the debtor's assets and recovery of the debtor's debts abroad through the ARROWS International network
  • we provide tax and accounting advice