Here at Arrows, we have a dedicated team of lawyers who are able to provide legal advice in the field of gambling and lottery law. We provide legal advice in this area to domestic and foreign clients, in the start-up phase, but also, for example, by representing already established operators before supervisory authorities. We represent our clients in this area before public authorities, before courts, but also in ordinary contractual relations.

Stricter after 2017

From 1 January 2017, a completely new legal regulation on the operation of gambling brought a number of significant changes in this area, in the form of stricter regulation. These are not only new tools leading to the reduction of harmful social consequences and protection of players and their surroundings, but also to an increase in the taxation of gambling and an increase in the possibility of regulating gambling by municipalities and cities. At the same time, the new legislation responded to the opening of the gambling market to entities based abroad and the growing use of the Internet and online betting in this area.

The so-called gambling, betting and lotteries are very strictly regulated in Czech law. The commencement of operations in the Czech Republic is subject to strict approval processes and has its own specific rules and requirements. Our experts are also familiar with the related rules of the European Union. We also provide assistance to operators in Gibraltar in connection with the planned departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

The challenges of licensing

Our services primarily include representation in the field of permitting and reporting proceedings for the operation of gambling in the Czech Republic before the Ministry of Finance, and therefore before municipal authorities. Foreign and domestic founders often turn to us already in the phase of choosing a suitable legal entity for the chosen type of business. The law is not clearly legible in this matter, so such prudence is most appropriate. A legal entity that is an applicant for a gambling operator license must meet many strict criteria regarding its structure. These include the requirement of an organizational structure with a so-called transparent and comprehensive definition. We will advise you on what this is about and how compliance with such a requirement is proven. The existence of a control body required by law and many other requirements that are necessary to document in the permitting procedure before the Ministry of Finance are also necessary.

Trustworthy and Transparent

Fulfilling all the requirements for the legal structure of the entity is only the beginning of a long process before all is set for the application. Such an entity needs to be funded transparently and credibly. Our clients consider legal assistance in matters of proving the applicant's own resources and credible proof of the transparent and harmless origin of these resources to be very useful.

A related issue is the provision of the necessary deposit to the Ministry of Finance, its type and amount determined according to the type of gambling. Last but not least, we also provide advice on the issue of contractual treatment of server placement and its documentation in the permitting procedure.

We also ensure the preparation of the necessary documents and documents for these permitting procedures and the proper operation of gambling, including the assessment of gaming concepts and rules. Our law firm also cooperates with forensic experts in this field.

We provide especially the following legal services in the area of the hazards:

  • Complex legal advisory in the area of  hazard and lottery.
  • Representing for the licensing and registration process of a gambling business.
  • Advisory on fulfilment of the legal requirements on legal structure with transparent and coherent specification.
  • Advisory on fulfilment of the legal requirements on proving in a trustworthy manner the transparent and admissible origin of the financial sources.
  • contractual documentation on the server placement for the licensing purposes
  • Representation in front of supervisory authorities
  • Advisory on the previously valid hazard laws, act no. 202/1991Col.