ARROWS Law Firm - Legal Assistance in Healthcare

Whether you are a healthcare organization seeking legal advice or a patient in need of assistance in the realm of medical law, we are here for you! ARROWS Law Firm is your reliable partner, supporting both healthcare institutions and individual patients.

For Healthcare Organizations:

Our specialists provide advice to healthcare facilities of all sizes, as well as in the field of pharmaceutical law. Whether you are a large healthcare provider or a smaller medical institution, we are here for you.

Comprehensive Solutions for Healthcare Organizations:

  • Representation in obtaining licenses to provide healthcare services
  • Comprehensive support in establishing or transferring a medical practice
  • Creation of a suitable business model for your facility
  • Development of internal regulations and directives
  • Legal advice in the field of drug advertising and marketing
  • Consultation on drug distribution and redistribution

For Patients:

If you have concerns about the quality of medical care received or have questions about your medications, our experts are eager to assist. We offer legal assistance and representation to patients in cases of improper medical care, health damages, or other legal issues related to healthcare.

Comprehensive Solutions for Patients:

  • Legal advice concerning your rights as a patient
  • Representation in cases of improper medical care
  • Legal assistance in resolving disputes with doctors or medical facilities
  • Consultation on medications and their side effects
  • Representation in court disputes over health damage compensation
  • Advice on personal data protection and GDPR for patients
  • Legal aspects of telemedicine and its application
  • Representation in claims for damages and non-material harm due to improper medical procedures

Maintaining Control Over the Entire Process

In the field of healthcare, there are many challenges, whether you are a healthcare organization or a patient. With our expert assistance, you can be assured that your rights and interests will be protected. Justice, transparency, and expertise are the core values upon which we build our services. We look forward to future collaboration!