Private life

We always strive for long term solutions for our client, we emphasize amicable solutions, and in the first place, solutions that are the best for children as the case may be.

We are able to represent our clients fully in all legal matters during all kinds of processes that do not explicitly require direct personal presence. In those cases, we follow our clients and provide firm legal but also mental support in their difficult life situations.


We have years of experience with divorce processes. We trust that we are the best advisors in these hard times. We are well familiar not only with related laws and regulations but we also know the best way to proceed in these often very emotional situations. It is important to say that a family lawyer indeed cannot solve your private disputes and dissensions. Nevertheless, such lawyers will help you to split in a proper way with fair distribution of the interconnected property.

Asset distribution is inevitably connected with divorcing, possibly also determination of a child custody. The matrimonial asset is not an easy legal matter; often, there are great disagreements on the determination of it, ending up in the possibilty of courts. From this reason it is only recommendable to consider legal assistance form our side. We can guarantee you the utmost fair determination of the matrimonial asset as defined by law and its proper distribution.

We strive to work with extreme acumen in the matters of child custody and alimony. We believe the interest of a child has the priority above others. We also are well aware of how painful this usually is in this particular part of the a divorce, therefore we také pride in handling the case with great care. We are used to working with parties with high emotional distress and to keep our minds clear and cool and to bring the process to an end that shall be the best long term solution for all parties involved.

From our experience with divorce strains, we recommend to our clients to preventively arrange the asset matters during their marriage in a prenuptial agreement. Especially, if one or both of the spouses run a business or possess a property with compex structures. We provide legal assistance with drafting such prenuption  agreements.


In the sphere of family matters, we also provide services in heritance procedures, or heritance disputes respectively, where we make sure the rights of our clients are not being harmed. We assist drafting testaments or helping you with disinheriting statutory heirs.

Property dospositions

Besides the family matters, we also assist clients with asset dispositions, especially real estate dispositions. We often encounter cases of people in trouble because of selling or purchasing an asset primarily using an internet template contract or relying on a contract prepared by a real estate agent without proper qualification. In such cases like this, you are running a great risk of financial losses.

We will prepare a bulletproof contractual documentation tailored just for you so that you can be sure the transaction is executed exactly as desired giving you peace of mind. There are still many untrustworthy players on the property market and so a good quality legal service is the only guarantee that you will not end up with bad luck. 

We provide especially the following services in the area of private life matters:

  • Representation in divorces, drafting divorce documentation;
  • Drafting agreements on matrimonial asset distribution, respectively on limiting or extension of matrimonial asset;
  • Arrangements on child custody;
  • Alimony for a child, respectively for a spouse;
  • Prenuptional agreements;
  • Registered partnerships;
  • Representing in heritage proceedings and disputes, last will;
  • Disinheritance;
  • Asset transactions, property dispositions.