Our regular clients often involve large companies and budgetary institutions, we have developed into a leading expert in the field of public procurement law in a few years. This extremely administratively demanding issue is a real "hedgehog in a cage" for anyone who embarks on a similar adventure without professional legal assistance.

In our portfolio we will find countless tenders with a total value in the order of billions of crowns. We provide comprehensive legal services including analysis, assessment and determination of a suitable concept for the project, including identification and evaluation of potential risks, both in terms of the Czech legal system and European Union regulations, as well as decision-making practice of the Office for Competition and the EU Court. Thus, we have a number of successful procurement procedures and procedures outside the regime of the Public Procurement Act. Due to our focus on public procurement, we have long and very successfully reviewed public procurement in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition, as well as inspections carried out by individual grant providers or their intermediate bodies (eg the Center for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, Czechinvest, etc.).

Legal services for contracting authorities

For our clients from the ranks of public entities, sectoral and subsidized contracting authorities, we provide advice and services in awarding public contracts. They use our services in the implementation and administration of the procurement process.

We have unsurpassed experience in the preparation of tender and contractual documentation and confidential legal audits (due diligence) in procurement procedures.

We represent contracting authorities before the Office for the Protection of Competition and before a court. We advise visitors from among the contracting authorities in handling objections or being represented in subsequent proceedings before the relevant administrative authorities and courts. In this context, we point out that it is possible to approach criminal rights.

For public and sector contracting authorities, your specialized auxiliary mining legal analysis concerning the provisions of the Public Procurement Act, including issues of application of exemptions from mandatory law enforcement in this area.

We are often provided with the possibility of assessing the admissibility of changes to contracts in terms of its leave from the point of view of the Public Procurement Act.

Legal services for tenderers

We regularly represent suppliers in procurement procedures. We offer assistance in all phases of public procurement, starting with requests for explanations of tender documentation, preparation and submission of a tender or participation in the opening of envelopes. We provide perfect legal protection of our client's interests. If necessary, we file objections against the procedure of the contracting authorities, we resolve violations of relevant regulations at the level of the Office for the Protection of Competition, ie administrative courts.

For clients, we also perform tailor-made analysis of the impact of changes in public procurement law with a focus on the client's needs, or, for example, training of relevant client staff, we also assist with the implementation of the new Public Procurement Act into internal procedures.

We provide especially the following legal service in the area of procurement law:

  • Representation of suppliers in the procurement placement;
  • Preparation and submission of procurement offer, envelop opening presence, objectives against procedural steps of a contractor;
  • Representation of Contractors in the procurement placement;
  • Assessment and evaluation of procurement offers;
  • Drafting of the procurement placement and contractual documentation, due diligence;
  • Representation in front of the Office for the Protection of Competition and administrative courts;
  • administrative controls from public authorities, dispute proceedings under the administrative law and tax proceedings due to alleged breach of budgetary discipline;
  • administrative court procurement examination.