Our law firm has created a team of experienced attorneys who specialize only in real estate law and handle nothing but client requests related to real estate and real estate business. 

Real estate transfers (apartments, houses, land)

  • we will prepare, revise or negotiate complete contractual documentation for the transfer of real estate for both the real estate agency and the individual client
  • we can arrange for escrow
  • we will prepare a proposal for entry and arrange its submission to the Land Registry
  • we have processed over 5,000 real estate transactions

Legal services for real estate agencies

  • we usually prepare contract packages for real estate transactions within the second working day of a request and, as we have a dedicated real estate team, we are always available to deal with your contract modification requirements
  • we offer flexible escrow
  • we prepare real estate brokerage contracts, reservation contracts in accordance with the Real Estate Brokerage Act and the current decision-making practice of the courts to ensure your entitlement to commission
  • our contracts are prepared for a smooth transaction so that you don't have to negotiate them for a long time and the client can easily sign them
  • we regularly draw up contracts between the real estate agency and its agents
  • we can set up franchise contracts for the real estate network

Disputes between real estate agencies and clients

  • we represent real estate agents against dishonest clients
  • we represent clients against unfair real estate agencies
  • we always try to resolve disputes out of court and see court proceedings as a last resort

Legal services for developers

  • legal services in finding and buying investment properties
  • assistance with project preparation and obtaining the necessary permits
  • legal assistance during the construction itself
  • preparation of documentation for the sale or lease of real estate 
  • other legal services for developers in which we are able to involve our colleagues from other ARROWS teams, whether it is tax planning, dealing with project defects or debt recovery

Training for real estate agents and real estate agencies

  • legal basics for real estate agents
  • GDPR in the real estate sector
  • AML and real estate agencies