Sports law is an area of law covering the specific legal relations that arise in connection with sporting activities. It covers legal matters of relations between sport professionals and sports clubs, doping issues, indemnification of harm caused during or through sport performance issues, sponsoring relationships, injury and insurance issues and many others.

Sport is an increasingly larger phenomena in the society, often with great economic significance. The way the law is applied to the relationships in sports derives from slightly different principles than the general legal principles. For example there are certain limitations in the contracting free will in case of sport professionals, stricter rules of contractual stability, the dispute solution standards etc.

Our legal experts have many years of experience in the area of sports law and are well familiar with all these particularities. We provide comprehensive legal services to both the sports clubs and organisation, and to sport professionals.

Sports clubs

The new Civil Code brought significant changes to the traditional sport clubs legal structures. Organization must be ensured in the legal form of association which means quite increased administrative burden is often prevalent.

We provide legal assistance to our clients to establish, amend or liquidate a sport club, including necessary registration in the trade registry. Our team, here at ARROWS, have developed a rich experience with drafting sponsoring contracts, marketing contracts or contracts with sport professionals. We provide representation in front of courts, arbitration tribunals, national or international committees.

We will also help you assess whether your club meets the conditions of public benefit. This is important if you want to apply for grant money as a public benefit association. We assist you with legal services with the preparation of grant applications, including representation before the relevant authorities.

Contracts for sport professionals

Our specialists are extraordinarily knowledgeable in preparing contracts with athletes. Along with this they also deal with the burning legal issue of the nature of the contractual relationship between the athlete and the club. The practice runs into the opinion of some theorists about the exclusive dependent nature of the athlete's relationship with the club. In other words, if you are an athlete, you should be an employee of your club. This opinion is widely discussed and has its opponents, especially among the athletes and clubs themselves, for which it means an increased financial burden.

We believe that it is necessary to solve these cases individually and each with special attention. We will set up the legal relations for you right from the start, thus avoiding possible inconveniences with the tax office.

If you are a top athlete, you often deal with more than concluding a contract between you and the club. We will also advise you on registration with the relevant competition organization or association, without which it is not possible to work professionally in the given sport.

In addition to these main prominent issues, we will advise you in our law office on a number of other issues related to top-notch sports. It is often necessary to consider the line between legislation and the internal rules of sports organizations, which to some extent regulate relations themselves.

Assistance will be provided in matters of protection of rights in sports organizations. We also represent clients in accusations of doping and defence against it. We will also provide you with legal assistance if you are an athlete and transfer between individual clubs, both nationally and internationally.

In the field of sports law, we mainly focus on:

  • Subsidy application for publically beneficial associations;
  • Sporting contracts;
  • Legal regulation of doping;
  • Law of associations and sports;
  • Damage compensation in sports;
  • Dispute resolution in sports – arbitration tribunals.