Subsidies from the EU funds and the funds of the Czech Republic

Our law firm has many years of experience in advising enterprises during subsidy processes; already throughout the application phase but mainly in subsidy disputes. We provide complex legal services in the matters of business subsidies from the funds of the Czech Republic, the European Union or others.

We are quite busy with the EU subsidies. The Czech Republic has been allocated nearly 24billion euro for the program period 2014-2020. Subsidy applications are hence a very actual topic and many of our clients aim at this form of financing. We had the chance to assist some large subsidy projects which were very successful, in the past several years. 

Subsidy Challenges

It is an essential condition to be fully acquainted with the terms of a particular subsidy process and to confront your business intent with it. To put together a successful subsidy application, it is crucial that it complies with numerous conditions and rules set by the subsidy provider.  The perfect understanding of the terms and further instructions for the applicants is a vital precondition determining whether the application is going to be successful or not.

A necessary part of every subsidy application in most cases is the so called business intent or a feasibility study. The exact content and extent of such document depends on a particular subsidy program. The characteristic of the applicant, description of technical feasibility of the project, definition and description of individual cost items, budget and economical side of the project and many others are the most common parts of an application. Important part are also attachments supporting the application. That may, typically, be a territory planning resolution or an extract from the real estate registry in cases of a construction projects.

From the reason of this overwhelming number of conditions, rules, and exceptions from those rules, that shall be obeyed, it is highly recommendable to approach our specialists. We provide a comprehensive legal assistance for receiving subsidies from the European structural and investment funds. We are well experienced with preparing the business intent, selecting the suitable program, all the way to drafting and submitting of an application for the subsidy. Further, we assist our clients in the realisation phase of a successful project with follow up of all legal duties.

The subsidy application is the key document that is decisive for whether or not the project will be successfully granted the subsidy. That is why our clients search for our services already in this important initial phase. It may be quite challenging to find a way through all applicable laws and instructions, the invitation schedules or through the program documentation of individual authorities that announce the programs.

We represent our clients in front of the authorities that assess the application. Further crucial step after the project that has been approved is the preparation of a contract that shall firmly stipulate the conditions of the project realisation. Thorough phrasing of the rights and obligations in the contact is very important and our specialists know well from their experience which points are the most sensitive ones. As an typical example can be stated the assessment rules and the payment settlement conditions; but there are many others that require very close attention during drafting the contract.

We help you to set up the project realisation processes in the way so that you will not miss any necessary documentation or presentation deeds to support your claims towards the supervising authorities. We provide assistance in cases of on location inspections, especially in the cases of the documentation control checks.

Every subsidy recipient of a subsidy from the EU funds is obliged to inform publically on this support in accordance with the so called mandatory project publicity. There are firm rules defined for this matter. Also here we are quite experienced and ready to assist for smooth fulfilment of this duty. 

Subsidies reduction

It is mandatory to meet all the objectives that you commit to in the application for the subsidy (such as number of new machines, technologies, or number of attended fairs). Otherwise you risk that the subsidy will not be paid to you, or the part already paid might be withdrawn. We deal with many cases of subsidy reduction. We represent during suppliers’ corrections.

We are experienced with wide range of facilities that the entrepreneurs can use to easier enter foreign markets. We provide helpful representation in negotiating with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech consulates abroad, the Czech Trade agency, the Czech Export Bank or the Export Guarantee and Insurance agency EGAP.

We provide especially the following services in relation to subsidies:

  • Funding from the Czech Republic budget, from the EU funds as other funds;
  • Preparation of the business intent also called as feasibility study;
  • Preparation and filing of the subsidy applications, representation at the supervising authority;
  • Subsidy corrections;
  • Representation in negotiations with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech consulates abroad, the Czech Trade agency, the Czech Export Bank or the Export Guarantee and Insurance agency EGAP;
  • Registering in the List of expert suppliers and the List of products and technologies.