Trade marks, intellectual property, IP

Our law firm helps protect our clients' know-how, brand and ideas.

We register trademarks, utility models, patents for clients and help protect and enforce them in litigation. We help set up appropriate business models for licensing and frenchising their ideas.

In the field of IP (intellectual property) we provide the following services:

  • Search and preparation and filing of all applications and registrations, including recommending the appropriate type of protection for the client.
  • representation in proceedings before authorities throughout Europe and the world (IPO, EUIPO, WIPO)
  • handling oppositions to the registration of any industrial property
  • legal representation in trademark disputes and arbitration proceedings
  • enforcement of unfair competition and copyright infringement claims
  • NDAs and similar agreements and their implementation
  • legal due diligence in acquisitions and assessment of potential risks in M/A

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