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Application for subsidy

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We discuss and prepare the subsidy applications from the EU funds as well as from the national subsidies. We prepare projects and project applications. We search actively for appropriate subsidy means for our clients and perform screening of the subsidy possibilities.

Procurement procedures

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Our legal and administrative team provides services in the field of the administration of tender procedures. We prepare draft tender documentation, recommend appropriate qualification and assessment criteria, including the contracts and business terms and conditions. We provide consultancy within the Act on Public Procurements as well as beyond it. The matter of fact is publishing of a public procurement notice. We handle objections and assess offers.

Subsidy management

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Within our support in the field of subsidy management, we provide consultancy and managerial support upon realizing the subsidy. It means that we recommend suitable persons for relevant positions. Eventually, we may ensure the implementation of projects. Our legal-tax team ensures complex services within the subsidy management.

Project sustainability

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We provide support for the implementation of projects. We prepare applications for partial changes of projects and monitoring reports. We provide consultancy in the field of fulfilling the monitoring indicators and checking the sustainability conditions. We administer the payment applications in a legal, tax and managerial manner.

Protection against subsidy reduction

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We provide legal consultancy and representation in case of the corrections by a subsidy provider. It is possible even after audits and inspections by the subsidy provider that the provider either does not pay the subsidy or enforces it subsequently. We are able to solve the problems related to subsidy reductions and we represent the client at the subsidy provider or tax administrator.